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Discover our extensive selection of outdoor plants in Gloucestershire. At Trioscape our stunning collection of outdoor plants is available in-store all year round. 

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Trioscape Garden Centre Gloucestershire is located approximately 15-60 minutes driving distance from the following places:

Locally grown bedding plants Gloucestershire

With our own nursery producing ‘Grower’s Finest’ bedding plants just up the road, you can brighten up your borders, hanging baskets and tubs all year round. 

Perennials and Schrubs

These are delightful herbaceous flora that impart a blossoming 'wow' element in both spring and summer, undergo a winter dormancy, only to re-emerge persistently year after year. Our inventory encompasses an extensive assortment, including grasses tailored for sunlit, arid areas and ferns suited for shaded corners. From deciduous (shedding leaves) to evergreen; compact, expansive, or towering, shrubs form the fundamental framework of any garden. Our diverse range, inclusive of hedging plants, continues to broaden annually.

David Austin Roses in Gloucestershire

Trioscape proudly aligns with David Austin, enabling us to present a variety of these exquisite shrub and climbing roses. And for those special moments? Roses aptly fulfill the requirements for anniversaries, birthdays, and consider "Mum in a Million" for Mother's Day.

Trees, alpines & bulbs, Conifers and Climbers

  • Trees: Trioscape boasts an extensive selection of British-grown trees adaptable to gardens of all sizes, contributing shade, seclusion, and essential oxygen!
  • Alpines: Illuminate your containers and borders during spring with our array of potted, blooming bulbs and rockery plants.
  • Conifers: These evergreen plants shine during winter, exhibiting resilience, durability, and serving as a focal point even in the harshest of winters. Explore our broad range of substantial specimens, hedging options, conifers suitable for pots, and petite borders, available in various shapes and sizes. Introduce some heathers alongside for an added burst of floral brilliance.
  • Climbers: If you possess a compact garden and desire privacy, consider cultivating a climbing plant on a trellis or pergola. Our inventory includes robust Wisterias, perpetual Trachelospermums, and many more. For those with ample space, experiment with Clematis Montana for charming spring blossoms. In smaller gardens, our patio pot Clematis is the ideal choice.

Why Choose Trioscape for buying plants in Gloucestershire

  • Local expertise: At Trioscape, our deep-rooted knowledge of Gloucestershire's climate and soil ensures that our outdoor plants flourish and our houseplants thrive.
  • Quality assurance: From the hardiest shrubs to the most delicate flowering houseplants, our commitment to quality guarantees you the very best.
  • Personalised service: Our passionate and knowledgeable team is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect plants for your garden or home. 

Also for other indoor and outdoor products you are more than welcome at Trioscape. You will find a wide range of Weber bbq's, Ooni pizza ovens, garden furniture, gifts, homeware and much more. We hope to see you soon. 

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Explore our extensive range of outdoor plants and houseplants at Trioscape Gloucestershire. With our exceptional quality, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are your go-to destination for all your gardening needs. Visit Trioscape and let's create a home and garden that truly reflects your unique style and passion for nature. Don't forget to visit our beautiful restaurant near Gloucester and Newent.

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