How important are barbecue rubs and sauces?

How important are barbecue rubs and sauces?

BBQ enthusiasts know that spices and sauces enhance the flavor of meat. Still, many people don't know the difference between rubs and BBQ sauces! The choice to use a spice or sauce relies on your personal taste - it's entirely up to you! However, there are some tips that can help make your decision easier. While these methods may be used differently in cooking, they both add a nice flavorful taste to any kind of meat!

Different types of BBQ rubs at Trioscape Garden Centre

Rubs are one of the most common seasonings when grilling meat. Rubs in general, are a mixture of spices and seasonings that is applied to the outside of meat before cooking it. Depending on what type or how marbled your piece is, some meats don't need any more seasoning than just rubs. But some meats may require additional seasoning like a rub in order to enhance their taste even more!

  • Dry rubs: A dry rub is made of a number of different spices, sugars and herbs. It typically contains ingredients like paprika, pepper and sugar. An important thing to know about a dry rub is that it adds a nice crust and bark to your meat as well as intensifying its flavor! A popular dry rub that can be used on any type of protein- including shrimp -is The Gospel's All-Purpose Southwestern Rub. The ingredients in this particular spice mix include paprika, sugar, garlic and other spices for an incredible BBQ taste.
  • Wet rubs: A wet rub is the same as a dry rub, but with one difference: liquid ingredients are added. A great option for meat that's just not moist enough to begin with. When forming a wet rub, it's important to have some of these liquids in order for the paste or marinade to be thick and strong enough so that it doesn't slide off once applied. Oil, vinegar and mustard are common examples of these types of liquids used in different types of spices or blends. 

When do you best apply dry or wet rubs to your meat?

The process of using both wet and dry rubs is very straightforward. To start, you will want to pat your meat with a paper towel in order to remove as much moisture as possible. Next, apply your spices by rubbing them into the meat thoroughly until they have been absorbed. This will create a nice crispy texture on the outside when all that delicious flavor soaks in! If you want the best taste for steak, add your dry rub at least an hour before grilling it on high heat- but if not too long beforehand would do just fine! 

Wet rubs are applied about 1-2 hours before cooking or up to several hours beforehand if time permits; they yield similar results of crispiness and flavor but contain more moisture than their dry counterparts resulting from some added sauce or liquid ingredients while also providing additional nutrients due to its acidic properties being soaked into protein naturally found within meats such as beef or chicken steaks.

What's the difference between barbecue rubs and bbq sauces?

BBQ sauce was created over 300 years ago as a way to marinate and enhance the taste of grilled meat. Back then, BBQ sauces consisted only of salt, vinegar and pepper. BBQ became so popular because it made the flavor better for grilled meats by tenderizing the meat with enzymes from fruits or vegetables that helped break down meat proteins. 

We know today that there are many different recipes for barbecue sauce which will include ingredients such as ketchup, chili peppers, mustard etc., but we still need to keep in mind what makes up this delicious condiment: sugar! The amount is reasonable; too much would overcook your dish so make sure you apply around 10 minutes before finishing cooking your food to avoid burning anything out during high-heat periods

Can you use both a BBQ Rub and barbecue sauce?

You can use both a rub and BBQ sauce when preparing your meat. In fact, most lovers of BBQ will apply both kinds of sauces to the meat while eating it. Apply the dry rub first before grilling it so that as much flavor is absorbed into it as possible- this step comes before applying your favorite barbecue sauce, which should be served on the side! You cannot go wrong with either type of seasoning because they compliment each other and elevate flavors in meats like nothing else could!

Barbecue rubs and sauces at Trioscape Garden Centre

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