Direct or indirect grilling?

Direct or indirect grilling?

You have probably heard these terms before. Direct and indirect grilling? But what exactly is the difference and when do you use which? We give you the answers!

Direct grilling

Direct grilling is the most common and easy way to grill. It means nothing more than preparing your meal directly above hot charcoal or briquettes. This is an advised way of preparing thinner meat which cooks quickly. Direct grilling is a good way to prepare hamburgers, kebab, chicken fillet, pork chops or vegetables. The meat will quickly cook, so make sure to not leave the barbecue out of sight or you end up with a burned burger! 

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Indirect grilling

For indirect grilling you start out the same way as direct grilling. You heat up your charcoal or briquettes and move all of that to one side of the grill to create a determined spot for the heat source. You can now grill directly above the heat on one side, and indirectly on the other side. And that’s why it’s called indirect grilling. But when do you grill indirectly? Well, think about a beautiful piece of brisket which can only remain juicy and flavorful when you apply the process of slow cooking. That’s when you use indirect grilling. By placing the lid onto the BBQ and opening up the vent, you will allow the hot air to circulate around your meat and cook it beautifully. You can also choose to move the charcoal to both sides of the grill, leaving the middle part for the indirect grilling. This is a good way to, for example, evenly cook a full chicken or whole vegetables. Indirect grilling might take a bit more time, but it will get you that tender and juicy piece of meat! It is a perfect way to prepare ribs, briket, shoulder meat or a lovely Mexican cochinita pibil. For this technique of grilling, people often use seasoning, wine, beer or stock to place underneath the meat for a surprising flavour twist!

Combining grill methods

And of course you can grill according to a combination of both grilling methods. This is the best way to manage the barbecue in a calm and relaxed way. Vegetables can quickly cook above the direct heat source while your chicken thighs take it slow on the indirect side of your grill. Fruit or vegetables in a sweet marinade or sauce are perfect for a pre-grill on indirect heat and a crispy finish on direct heat!

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