Trioscape Garden Centre & the environment

At Trioscape we are committed to investing in a greener future. When the Garden Centre was rebuilt in 2011 it was installed with a state-of-the-art Biomass Boiler. The wood chip fed boiler heats the entire building through an underfloor heating system and provides hot water throughout the Garden Centre and Restaurant. The garden centre and warehouse are fitted with Solar Panels which help to generate electricity throughout the Garden Centre and feed vital energy into the grid. During the construction of the Garden centre, a pond was installed to collect over a million litres of rainwater a year from the roof of the store, which could then be used to water the plants.

More about us

How do we upcycle products?

  • We reuse cardboard boxes and packaging like bubble wrap to help customers take products to the car safely
  • We shred paper internally and use it to pack products sold online
  • We reuse bubble wrap and other packaging materials that are delivered to the garden centre to also help package and ship products sold online

More on sustainability

Sustainability is an important factor in the wide range of products we sell and the way our garden centre is built.

  • We recycle cardboard
  • We sell peat free compost
  • Throughout every department, we stock a wide range of environmentally friendly products
  • We upcylce plant pots