Where to buy a Weber BBQ near me?

Where can I buy a Weber BBQ near me? Visit Trioscape Garden Centre for the best Weber BBQ showroom in Newent. Weber has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality BBQs for ages and never fails to bring innovation. A Weber BBQ stands for guaranteed success and long-lived fun, so Trioscape Garden Centre always recommends its products. Visit the garden shop and buy your Weber BBQ online.

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Weber barbecues come in all shapes and sizes, differing in use and looks. This means picking the proper BBQ for you may be more complicated than it seems, so Trioscape Garden Centre would like to provide some extra information on the range of Weber BBQs we stock in our BBQ shop.

  • The two primary fuels for BBQs are gas and charcoal. These barbecue types look and work differently and should be used in other ways. If you want to know more about the main differences between gas and charcoal BBQs, keep reading.
  • A significant difference between the charcoal barbecue and the gas barbecue is the taste it gives to the dish. The authentic grilled taste we all know and love so much comes from the smoke of burning charcoal, although grilling on gas offers a healthier outcome.
  • A gas barbecue tends to warm up faster than a charcoal barbecue, and they’re easier to keep at the same temperature for prolonged periods. That being said, a charcoal barbecue can reach higher temperatures than its gas variant.
  • While barbecuing on a charcoal BBQ may give off a feeling of the actual barbecue experience, it will take more time and be less convenient than a gas BBQ, which is also perfect for preparing a larger quantity of dishes.

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After every use, thorough cleaning of your BBQ is essential to keep it in good shape. A gas barbecue is harder to clean since it has more components. A charcoal BBQ only has to be cleaned on its grill. Below you will find some other tips and tricks to clean your BBQ.

  • Always clean the grill after use. This can be done by wrapping it in a wet newspaper since keeping it moist for a while will get even the most stubborn scraps off.
  • Burning off excess food is also a great way to clean the grill. Fill up the kettle with a flammable material like paper or hay. This will catch fire and burn off all leftover meat scraps stuck to the grill.
  • If any food particles are stuck, use some BBQ accessories like a sturdy brush to finish the cleaning completely. Don’t forget to store your barbecue away or cover it with a BBQ cover


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Where to buy a Weber BBQ near me? The best Weber products for sale can be found at Trioscape Garden Centre, near Cheltenham, Malvern and Hereford. Visit our shop for a wide range of high-quality products. If you come to our garden centre, then you have to visit our great garden centre restaurant. We have a delicious range of homemade food available to tempt you. Enjoy the various facilities Trioscape Garden Centre offers customers upon visiting, like free Wi-Fi, excellent disability access, home delivery service and dog-friendliness in-store. We hope to see you soon at Trioscape Garden Centre in Newent.