Bramblecrest parasol near Gloucester

What is the best Bramblecrest parasol to buy near Gloucester? Bramblecrest is a renowned garden furniture brand producing the very best products for years on end. If you’re looking for a way to add shade to your outdoor space on hot summer days, a Bramblecrest parasol is the best way to go. Visit Trioscape Garden Centre for your favourite parasol, including a base to keep it in the right place. Besides parasols, Bramblecrest also sells dining tables, garden benches, and garden chairs. But if you want to buy other garden furniture, a Weber BBQ or beautiful plants, Trioscape Garden Centre is the place to be.

Bramblecrest parasol near Gloucester Trioscape Garden Centre

Buy Bramblecrest parasol at Trioscape Garden Centre in Newent

A parasol in your garden comes with many benefits. Not only do you protect you and your loved ones from harsh sunlight and overheating, but parasols also keep dirt, sand and loose foliage away from you and your garden furniture. This makes parasols a great way to keep your outdoor furniture, like a dining table, spic and span. If you need a new parasol, head to our garden centre and look at the massive assortment of Bramblecrest parasols we stock.

Can the parasol be left outside? If not in use, it’s generally no problem to leave your parasol alone. However, always close it so no gust of wind takes off with it, potentially causing dangerous situations. In case of even rougher weather circumstances, Trioscape Garden Centre does recommend taking it inside to avoid any damage to the parasol or the surrounding area.

Where to buy a Bramblecrest parasol near me

Outdoor parasols have risen in popularity significantly over the last few years. This is primarily due to the practicality and versatility of the item. Visit Trioscape Garden Centre in Newent for an extensive range of high-quality outdoor parasols from brands like Bramblecrest or Kettler.

Because of the large surface and textiles, outdoor parasols can be hard to clean. If you require some help, don’t worry; Trioscape’s got some handy tips and tricks up the sleeve that will surely help you.

  1. First of all, save yourself a lot of work in the long run by always closing the parasol after use and maybe even taking it inside. This will (primarily) prevent the parasol from getting dirty.
  2. If your parasol needs a clean, start simple with a handheld vacuum cleaner or a sturdy, long-haired brush. These will quickly get all loose dust and soil from the parasol.
  3. If your parasol’s condition calls for more robust measures, take out a particular cleaning solution for outdoor textiles, available at Trioscape Garden Centre. Scrub the surface until the soil starts to let loose of the fabric.
  4. Follow up with a damp cloth to get rid of leftover cleaner, water or dirt.
  5. Finally, place your parasol out in a sunny spot or a well-ventilated area and let it dry completely before using it again.

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Can I buy a parasol at a garden centre? Of course, you can! Simply click here or visit Trioscape Garden Centre, where everything you need is already for sale. Enjoy a wide range of the best Bramblecrest selection, the BBQ shop and other high-quality products. Any visitors can use our free Wi-Fi, free parking, toilets, and help-to-car service. Trioscape Garden Centre is located near Gloucestershire, Cheltenham and Malvern.