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When looking for new garden furniture near Gloucestershire, it’s noticeable that rattan is one of the most popular materials. Rattan looks timeless, sturdy, durable and affordable as well. On top of that, rattan goes with everything and will indeed look great in any garden. What is the best rattan garden furniture? Pick the best pieces for your backyard at your leisure at Trioscape Garden Centre. Whether you need conservatory furniture, outdoor furniture or dining sets, Trioscape stocks it all. The best rattan garden furniture near Hereford, Malvern and Cheltenham can be found in our garden shop!

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What outdoor furniture can be left outside? Rattan is a great furniture material and is well-known for its versatility. For instance, rattan can easily sustain the harshest weather conditions, like heavy rain, wind, and bright sunlight. This means rattan can easily be left outdoors all year long.

To keep enjoying your rattan garden furniture to the fullest, giving it a thorough clean now and then is necessary. Use a bucket of soapy water and a sturdy, long-haired brush that can reach built-up dirt between the tiny crevices for rattan furniture. Let it dry off in the sun, and you’ve got yourself a clean garden chair or sofa set again.

Although the rattan itself is a waterproof material, cushions and pillows that come with your outdoor furniture usually aren’t. Ensure to store any textile products away when not in use to avoid funny smells and mouldy spots.

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Do you need any extra help with cleaning your outdoor rattan furniture? That is understandable since rattan provides many gardeners with some cleaning trouble time and time again. Do you need to know how to clean garden furniture? Trioscape Garden Centre has gathered some fantastic tips and tricks that will surely come in handy.

  1. A vacuum cleaner or a sturdy brush is perfect for getting loose dust and soil from the rattan.
  2. Follow up with a small, pointy object like a toothbrush or a cocktail pick to deal with any stubborn rests of soil.
  3. Next, use a soapy bucket of water to clean the rattan parts of your garden furniture through and through. Scrub until the surface is clean.
  4. Use a damp cloth on the surface of the rattan to pick up any leftover soap, water or dirt.
  5. Finally, place your rattan furniture out in a sunny spot or a well-ventilated area and let it dry completely before using it again.

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Where to buy rattan garden furniture near Gloucestershire? The best rattan garden furniture for sale can be found in the area surrounding Newent, Cheltenham and Gloucester. At Trioscape Garden Centre, you’re in the right place for all kinds of outdoor furniture, for example, Bramblecrest parasols, all up for admiration in our garden furniture showroom. Besides various high-quality products, Trioscape Garden Centre in Gloucestershire offers customers even more helpful facilities, like free WiFi, dog friendliness in-store, and excellent disability access.